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Do the attachments work on all types of coats?Updated 7 months ago

Always fully educate yourself on your breed's coat before any grooming. Our attachments are designed to work for the majority of breeds. If you have any specific questions on your breed, reach out to your Veterinarian before beginning a new grooming routine. All or attachments capture up to 99% of pet hair, fur, fleas, dander, and more compared to traditional grooming tools thanks to the constant suction! Each brush is equipped with openings to capture any flyaways, dander, etc as you're working, but simply use the fur ejector lever to push the collected hair in the bristles directly into your furMe hose.To learn more about the CLEAN lever, see this article.

The De-Shedding Brush attachment is for any pet coat that sheds! Best for short hair or any pet with an undercoat. Do not use the De-Shedding Brush attachment on non-shedding breeds or on pets with sensitive skin. 

Our Grooming Brush is great for any medium to long-haired coats. The metal pins gently capture loose hair on the top coat, while the coated tips are gentle on your pet's skin. Our Grooming Brush also works well on a wavy-coated, wire-coated, or any first generation doodle breed. 

Our optionally purchased Dematting Rake is best for medium to long hair pets with a soft or curly coat that tend to mat. This attachment is constructed with stainless steel teeth to break up mats and dense tangles, while the rounded edges protect your pets coat from the sharp blades. 

Take care to educate yourself on your dog's coat if they are hypo-allergenic as they may need additional tools such as a wide-toothed rake, metal comb, etc.

Our AirClipper™️ is designed for all types of hair! Our AirClipper boasts a stainless steel fixed blade and an adjustable ceramic blade to tackle the thickest coats with a consistent performance while staying up to 75% cooler than traditional clippers. This attachment constantly suctions as you work, so the hair is gently guided into the blade, then loose hair is suctioned right into the hose. If the Clipper blade or the guards are popping off during use, you may need to brush out your pet's coat prior to clipping. The clippers shouldn't pull or tug on your pet's coat at any point.  To see more about the AirClipper, click here

Always wash and fully dry your pet's coat before use. Never use on wet fur as the vacuum is not meant to suction liquid. The blade on our AirClippers is Size 10. Our AirClipper includes 3 built-in lengths for a close shave: 1.0mm, 1.2mm, and 1.6mm as well as 4 guards in 6mm, 12mm, 18mm, and 24mm lengths so you have plenty of options. An additional 3mm guard is also included with every Pro Plus set, but is available for purchase if you have an Original model.

BEFORE GETTING STARTED AT HOME: Thoroughly read and fully understand all warnings and instructions in your included user manual. Not all instructions or warnings are included in this article. You can view and download the latest version here: https://shopfurme.com/pages/user-guides-instructions

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