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Where can I view and download the latest User Manuals?

Need a step by step guide on how to introduce your pet to the furMe? Learn more here!. furMe Original Model FM-01. furMe Professional PLUS Model FM-02. furMe Nail Grinder Tool FM-01-NG & FM-02-NG. furMe Precision AirClipper (Small Animal/Paw Trimmer)

How do I introduce the furMe to my pet for the first time?

If your pet is wary of vacuums or grooming in general, follow these instructions for a better experience. Grooming a pet’s coat for the first time can be a stressful experience for both the pet and owner, but with the right approach, it doesn't have

Unboxing and assembling your FM-02 Professional PLUS furMe

Your furMe is ready to use out of the box. We just need you to secure the base on your unit before use. Watch this video for a full demonstration:. Don't forget to follow our pet acclimation tips when introducing furMe for the first time!.

Securing the correct ends of the hose to your FM-02 Professional Plus

There are two very different ends of your detachable hose for your Professional PLUS FM-02 model. Note the shape of the blue release button on each end. Here's a video to demonstrate this: Identifying the Ends of your FM-02 hose.

How do I identify which model I have to purchase an accessory?

There are two kinds of hose connections for furMe accessories. Original FM-01 models through Mid 2024 have the Pull-Off connections. Starting Mid 2024, the 2nd generation FM-01 models have button-release connections. Professional PLUS models FM-02 ha

How loud is the vacuum on a furMe?

The furMe is about half the noise level of a typical modern vacuum: only 42 dB at the lowest setting. The full range is up to 75 dB on the highest setting: 3.

Does the furMe work on cats?

Yes! The furMe works on dogs and cats alike...even more!

Does the furMe work on wet or damp fur?

Always fully dry your pet before grooming with the furMe. All attachments are used with a vacuum and should never suction liquid.

Do the attachments work on all types of coats?

Always fully educate yourself on your breed's coat before any grooming. Our attachments are designed to work for the majority of breeds. If you have any specific questions on your breed, reach out to your Veterinarian before beginning a new grooming

Are there filters or dust bags on the vacuum I need to replace?

No, there are no disposal dust bags. The container that collects the fur is simply emptied directly into the trash. The filters are pre-installed on your machine when you unbox. There is a black filter to catch larger debris on the lid of your collec

Where are the filters on my furMe?

The filters are pre-installed on your Original FM-01 machine when you unbox. There is a black filter to catch larger debris on the lid of your collection container and there is a larger HEPA filter to capture fine dust and dander on the unit. These c

How do I empty the canister?

Use this guide to take off, empty, then put the canister securely back on your machine. Hold the furMe unit still with one hand. With your other hand, use your thumb to apply light pressure on the end of the container to release and lift up to remove

How do I clean the filters?

The filters are pre-installed on your machine when you unbox. There is a black filter to catch larger debris on the lid of your collection container and there is a larger HEPA filter to capture fine dust and dander on the unit. These can be seen when

How do I wrap and store the hose on the machine?

Follow this video guide to store your hose properly:. Follow this video guide to store your hose properly:.

Where can I get replacement blades for the Clipper or filters for the machine?

You can purchase replacement parts like filters or blades in packs or individual pieces by clicking here. To pop the blade out from the AirClipper, retract the adjustable blade setting to the lowest position (the black slider) and remove the clear su

What are the cutting lengths on the AirClipper?

The blade on our AirClippers is Size 10. Our AirClipper boasts a stainless steel fixed blade and an adjustable ceramic blade to tackle the thickest coats with a consistent performance while staying up to 75% cooler than traditional clippers. Our AirC

How often will I need to replace the clipper blades?

The duration of time your AirClipper blades will stay sharp truly depends on frequency of use and the type of coat you are clipping. Our blades are not sharpened, but rather replaced once dull. We find that most customers may need to replace their bl

How do I replace the Blades on my AirClipper?

If the Clipper blade or the guards are popping off during use, you may need to brush out your pet's coat prior to clipping. The clippers shouldn't pull or tug on your pet's coat at any point. Looking for replacement blades? You can purchase those her

How do I put the AirClipper guards on?

Each set includes 4 additional combs/guards in 6mm, 12mm, 18mm, and 24mm lengths. A 3mm guard is included in the Pro Plus set, or optionally purchased here for the Original set. If the Clipper blade or the guards are popping off during use, you may n

How can I learn more about the AirClipper?

To get a better understanding of the AirClipper, watch this getting started video here:. Here are some other helpful articles on the AirClipper. Learn on various topics such as: what are the cutting lengths of the clippers, how often to replace the b

Should I oil the AirClipper blades?

Taking care of your dog's coat is essential for their health and well-being. Regular grooming with adjustable ceramic clipper blades can help keep their hair neat and tidy. However, to maintain the clipper's performance, it's crucial to keep the blad

Are blades or guards by other brands compatible with the furMe?

Only genuine furMe accessories can be used with the furMe pet grooming vacuum. If you need to purchase replacement parts like a blade, you can do so here: https://shopfurme.com/collections/furme-grooming-vacuum-accessories

How to use the hair-ejection levers on the brushes

Our furMe brushes come with a handy CLEAN fur-ejection lever to push the collected hair into your hose and WHOOSH collected into your furMe. No flyaways and no mess! Simply press the eject or "CLEAN" levers with your thumbs so you can keep grooming.

Where can I find the suction extender in my box?

The suction extender is packed in the same clear plastic packing (in it's own sealed section) as the AirClipper guards - the color just makes it easy to miss. See this video below for reference:. Unsure how to put it on your AirClipper? See this vide

Are there Replacement Parts available?

Yes! We know how parts can be an unexpected chew toy or things just get lost, so we've made it easy to find replacement parts here: https://shopfurme.com/collections/furme-grooming-vacuum-accessories. If you think you need a repair on your machine, p

Is there a size chart for the beds?

Small Donut BedPerfect for dogs up to 20 lbsOuter Measurements: 23"x23"x7"Inner Diameter: 13"Medium Donut BedPerfect for dogs up to 45 lbsOuter Measurements: 30"x30"x9"Inner Diameter: 20"Large Donut BedPerfect for dogs up to 125 lbsOuter Measurements

How do I use the Dematting Rake?

The Dematting Rake is an optional attachment that can be purchased here for your furMe. This tool features 15 stainless steel curved spokes to break up mats and deshed your pet's thick coat. The underside of the spokes are a sharp blade to effortless

How can I learn more about the Nail Grinder?

To learn more about your Nail Grinder, watch this getting started video here:. To replace the nail grinding heads/bits, follow these instructions:. To purchase replacement nail grinding heads/bits shop here. BEFORE GETTING STARTED AT HOME: Thoroughly

How do I pack my travel case?

To properly pack the travel case, the vacuum unit needs to be packed in the bottom section on it's side. Make sure the hose is not wrapped around the vacuum or on the clip. The hose can be placed around the side/top of the unit when in the case. Then

What is the care guide for the pet beds?

For washing and spot cleaning, follow this guide for our pet beds, carriers, and travel beds.

Are the carriers airline approved?

Our carriers are not airline approved for commercial air travel. We do however highly recommend our carriers for road trips!. Shop here