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How often will I need to replace the clipper blades?Updated 7 months ago

The duration of time your AirClipper blades will stay sharp truly depends on frequency of use and the type of coat you are clipping. Our blades are not sharpened, but rather replaced once dull. We find that most customers may need to replace their blade every 4-6 months. For more information on our blade maintenance, check out this help article. If your blades seem like they aren't cutting as smooth or pulling on hair - it may be time. If the Clipper blade or the guards are popping off during use, you may need to brush out your pet's coat prior to clipping. The clippers shouldn't pull or tug on your pet's coat at any point.

You can purchase replacement parts like filters or blades in packs or individual pieces by clicking here.

To pop the blade out from the AirClipper, retract the adjustable blade setting to the lowest position (the black slider) and remove the clear suction extender that snaps on and off. To remove the blade, hold the AirClipper with the furMe logo facing you. Using one or both thumbs, press firmly on the top of the blade to release it from the AirClipper. 

To put the blade back on your AirClipper, hold the AirClipper with the furMe logo facing away from you. Anchor the base of the blade into the clipper by placing the small tab protruding out of the base of the blade into the slot opening of the clippers. With that tab in place, then press the top part of the blade into the clipper with a little bit of force using your thumb. It should snap right in.

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