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How can I learn more about the Nail Grinder?Updated 3 months ago

To learn more about your Nail Grinder, watch this getting started video here: 

To replace the nail grinding heads/bits, follow these instructions:

  1. Unplug your furMe
  2. Remove the Nail Grinder attachment from the hose
  3. Lift the clear paw guard cup off your Nail Grinder
  4. Pull the current head/bit out of the rotary wheel
  5. Take your new grinding bit/head and push it into the rotary wheel. 
  6. Test that the bit/head moves freely by spinning it with your fingers. 
  7. Replace the clear paw guard cup

To purchase replacement nail grinding heads/bits shop here.

BEFORE GETTING STARTED AT HOME: Thoroughly read and fully understand all warnings and instructions in your included user manual. Not all instructions or warnings are included in this video. You can view and download the latest version here: https://shopfurme.com/pages/user-guides-instructions

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