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Should I oil the AirClipper blades?Updated 7 months ago

Taking care of your dog's coat is essential for their health and well-being. Regular grooming with adjustable ceramic clipper blades can help keep their hair neat and tidy. However, to maintain the clipper's performance, it's crucial to keep the blades lubricated with oil. We will discuss why oiling your clipper blades is necessary and how to care for your blades using oil as a lubricant. Does it seem like it's time to replace your blade altogether? Here's a link to purchase replacement blades. If your blades seem like they aren't cutting as smooth or pulling on hair - it may be time. If the Clipper blade or the guards are popping off during use, you may need to brush out your pet's coat prior to clipping. The clippers shouldn't pull or tug on your pet's coat at any point.

Why is it necessary to oil your clipper blades?

Traditional steel clipper blades consist of sharp metal teeth that move rapidly to cut through your dog's hair. This constant friction generates heat and causes the blades to wear out over time. If the blades become dull or damaged, they won't cut the hair effectively, which can cause discomfort and uneven cuts for your pet. 

To prevent your blades from wearing out quickly, you need to lubricate them with oil regularly. The oil acts as a barrier between the teeth and reduces the friction, preventing the blades from getting hot and wearing out. 

High-grade ceramic blades are manufactured to keep their edge and sharpness for longer than steel blades. They run cooler than steel for a more comfortable cutting experience: up to 75% cooler! We prefer ceramic for our AirClippers for a smoother, faster cut for pet owners with any clipping experience levels. That said, yes, they still require a lubricant!

How to care for your clipper blades using oil

Now that you know why oiling your clipper blades is essential let's look at how you can care for them using oil:

Step 1: Clean the blades

Before oiling your clipper blades, it's important to clean them thoroughly to remove any hair, dirt, or debris that may have accumulated. Use a brush or a soft cloth to wipe the blades clean. You can remove the blade completely from your AirClipper to clean out any loose hair or debris both on the blade and inside the clipper. 

Here's how to remove the blade from your clippers:

To pop the blade out from the AirClipper, retract the adjustable blade setting to the lowest position and remove the clear suction extender that snaps on and off. To remove the blade, hold the AirClipper with the furMe logo facing you. Using one or both thumbs, press firmly on the top of the blade to release it from the AirClipper.

To put the blade back on your AirClipper, hold the AirClipper with the furMe logo facing away from you. Anchor the base of the blade into the clipper by placing the small tab protruding out of the base of the blade into the slot opening of the clippers. With that tab in place, then press the top part of the blade into the clipper with a little bit of force using your thumb. It should snap right in.

Step 2: Apply oil

Once the blades are clean, it's time to apply oil. Use a clipper blade oil, which is specially designed to lubricate clipper blades. Apply a few drops of oil on the blades, making sure to cover the teeth evenly. Avoid over-oiling the blades as this can cause them to become too slippery and affect their performance.

Step 3: Run the clipper

After applying the oil, turn on the clipper and let it run for several seconds to distribute the oil evenly on the blades. This step ensures that the oil reaches all the parts of the blades, including the teeth and the hinges.

Step 4: Wipe off excess oil

Using a clean cloth, wipe off any excess oil from the blades. Leaving excess oil on the blades can attract dirt and hair, causing them to become dirty and clogged.


Regular maintenance and oiling of the blades can ensure that they last longer and perform optimally, resulting in comfortable and efficient grooming sessions for your furry friend. 

When choosing a clipper blade oil for ceramic blades, make sure to read the label carefully and follow the manufacturer's instructions for use. Follow the recommended application guidelines as outlined. There are a variety of options available in local stores or online retailers.

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