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Are there filters or dust bags on the vacuum I need to replace?Updated 3 months ago

No, there are no disposal dust bags. The container that collects the fur is simply emptied directly into the trash.

The filters are pre-installed on your machine when you unbox. There is a black filter to catch larger debris on the lid of your collection container and there is a larger HEPA filter to capture fine dust and dander on the unit. These can be seen when you remove your collection container. 

Instructions on where to find the filters on your unit can be seen here.

They are easily rinsed clean between uses and can be replaced after heavy use. Your filter should be cleaned at least once a month. Take care to clean more regularly if your machine is used frequently. To see instructions on how to clean your filters, click here

If you need to purchase any replacement filters or parts, you can purchase replacement parts here.

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